Become a patient of
Health New Lynn

We’re currently enrolling new patients.

All patients wishing to enrol must complete a Health New Lynn Enrolment Form, or this can be done by a parent or guardian if you’re under 16 years old.

The Ministry also requires all new patients to provide proof of identity e.g. passport at the time of enrolment whether a NZ citizen or not.

By registering with us, we can then claim any Ministry of Heath subsidies that you are eligible for on your behalf. Check your eligibility to receive publicly funded health services.

For more information, phone 09 827 8888.

Ways to enrol:

Enrol online

Enrol by filling out our online Konnect form.

Print an enrolment form

Once complete, bring your completed form (and proof of identity such as your passport) to our centre.

Visit us to enrol

Don’t forget to bring along proof of identity such as your passport.